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The Top 6 Topics To Avoid Talking About When You’re Networking

Conversation Topics To Avoid When Networking

There are Many Conversation Topics To Avoid When Networking.

This is a tough one since we want to talk when we’re networking and sometimes we can to share too much information. I have listened to hundreds, if not thousands, of introductions throughout my career and hear many topics of things being discussed.

If you’re not getting many referrals, you might want to tune in to this article for insights that you might not be aware of. It’s been my experience that there are a few things you should avoid talking about at least when you’re just getting to know someone. I have experienced a few people who continue this approach without realizing the impact it’s having on establishing new relationships.

Here are a few topics you should try to avoid:

1. BUSINESS: When you’re asked, “So How’s Business Going?” please don’t reply with “The market is horrible and no one is buying”. I hear this almost daily now and all it’s doing is reaffirming that you won’t be in business much longer. When you consistently say the market is the cause of your lack of business, you’re basically bringing that theory to life. Instead, try looking for the growth in your company. Maybe reply with we’re expanding into new markets and finding business where we didn’t find it before. My all time favorite response when someone asks you how business is simply say, “Unbelievable!” because that could go either way!

2. TMI (Too Much Information): Don’t talk about anything that is too traumatic or devastating, it lowers the energy in the conversation. This is not the right time or place to share anything too personal. I know that our personal life blends into our professional life but it can actually do damage to your reputation if you’re known as the “downer” in the group. If you’re experiencing any life changing event, such as, divorce, financial setbacks, death or loss, it’s big for you and I’m sure you need someone to talk to about it.   This is when you need to lean on your friends, not strangers you are trying to do business with.

3. SALES:  If you are selling something or recruiting for your network marketing business try avoid saying things like “opportunity” or “lowest prices”. People have an invisible shield up when meeting someone for the first time and will block these messages. Instead, explain the value and how it could help someone by making their life easier or saving them money. By the way, don’t assume everyone is looking for another business or revenue source. Lead with your products or services and only mention the business only if they fall in love with the products.

4. COMPETITION:  Never bring up your competition and how you are the better choice. First of all, they might not know about your competitor but they will as soon as you mention them. Second, you should never talk “smack” about your competitors since they are actually helping you build your business! Strange concept but the truth is there would be no comparison if you offer the best anyway. Your competitors can never be YOU! People buy from the person, not the company.

5. EXPERIENCE:  If you are new in your company or just opened your business, it may not be a wise choice to share that information right away. Your goal is to let someone get to know you and if they like you, trust you and believe you can handle their business, they might take a chance with working with you. If you don’t have a lot of experience yet, don’t panic. Everyone has to start somewhere. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to provide the best you can with the knowledge you have. You can always find the answer if you don’t know it.

6. CONFIDENCE:  When you have reached a point of desperation, make sure to avoid saying anything negative such as “I need”, “I’m struggling”, “I’m broke” or “I must” etc. All this does is communicate how desperate you are and people tend to avoid insecurity. Sometimes, people assume this will help them get more business if they are a “charity” victim. By involving “drama” in your communication, you are jeopardizing your credibility and confidence. Try focusing on what is going well for you and ask for support without fear. People are very generous in general and want to support others that are dedicated to succeeding, not failing. 

Darlene Willman

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Darlene Willman is a professional speaker, author and coach. She has hosted over 100 networking events in her professional career, conducts workshops and seminars to support the small business community with attracting more business.

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