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New Small Business Startup In The USA – Now Might Be A Great Time!

Starting Your Own Small Business

Now is a Great Time for Starting Your Own Small Business!

Today we find the country and indeed the entire world plunged into an economic meltdown. We all feel the effects of this meltdown in various ways.

These range from being let go and joining the ranks of the unemployed, to cutbacks in corporate bonuses, perks and spending, and to feeling overwhelmed by an increasing personal debt load. The general feeling out there is that we all have lost control of our financial destinies. One answer to getting back on track may be to start up a small business of your own.

The government has boasted of pumping billions of dollars into the private sector in the form of a variety of stimulus packages. Now may be the time to use the current downturn and the willingness of the government to get the economy restarted at any cost to your own advantage. There are a number of programs and government institutions that are only too happy to help the small business owner get started. What better way to add extra income in either a part time small business or even full time, leaving the uncertainty of job insecurity behind for good.   Revenues from small businesses account for more than half the income earned in the USA today and many of the business giants of today like Disney and General Electric started up during previous recessions. So this has certainly been done successfully many times before.

There are many opportunities that are available right now. At the moment many businesses are not looking out for their potential competition and they are not being that innovative and creative. They are bloated and not very efficient after the excesses of the last few years. Many are going through round after round of cost cutting, and are not able to move quickly.

A lot of costs associated with new business startups are really low right now. Rents have dropped dramatically, and there are a large number of rental vacancies all over the country, and very likely in your own area. Wages of the last few years are also lower. So if you need to hire people from the very beginning, the expectation of your workers as far as wages are concerned, will be a lot lower. Also now is a great time to be able to negotiate and get fantastic prices for most goods and services that you may need in your new business.

Also big business is scaling back in the scope of work that they were doing over the last while. They are getting back to their core business by doing only what they do best, by removing those parts of their businesses that do not fit into their main focus. The dropping of these non-core business functions offer huge opportunities for smaller specialist companies to step in and provide these goods and services, to the public and even to the very companies themselves that dropped them. A good example may be computer services that were once done in house and are now performed by a small specialist company.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. New industries are starting to emerge from this downturn, in all sorts of areas around the country. More and more people are now more conscious about the Environment and becoming less dependent on foreign oil. This will become increasingly more important for the USA. This is just one area where the number of opportunities will explode over the next few years.

So, why not get in at the ground floor? The rewards that success brings are pretty clear for all to see too. 

Mark Bergman

Meet the Author Mark Bergman

Mark Bergman has written 44 Articles on Small Business Delivered.

I have spent the last 25 years in business. I have worked for some of the largest companies in different parts in the world. Over the last 15 years I have been working for myself, having set up a few small businesses which I built up and subsequently sold off.

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