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How One Great Brand Name Can “Grow” Another

It started with one client’s wish to reflect her beautiful, bold web designs in her company name.

Angela Nielsen had created NIC Media (for Nielsen Internet Consultants) and the name was creating considerable confusion. Not only were potential clients at a loss for what she did (media is a very broad term for everything from talent agencies to media placement firms, and “nic” is associated with a number of other online businesses,) but there was no sense of how she did what she did. So we aligned her company name around the way she created, not what she created. The result was One Lily, a high end web design shop known for eye popping design that was “Simple. Bold. Beautiful.” With the name change from NIC Media to One Lily, Angela saw an immediate improvement in the caliber of work and clientele she attracted.

But it didn’t stop there.

During the naming process, we came up with a number of similar names that portrayed beauty and elegance. Rather than being confined to web design only, Angela began to think about other ways to bring beauty into people’s lives, web design or otherwise. And that’s when it hit her… why not extend the One Lily brand with another of the names we developed, but this time offer candles, fragrances, soaps and other relaxation products. The result was, a place where you can “Nurture the Body. Renew the Spirit.”

This is what I call discovering a “pivot point,” an axis if you will, a point upon which you can “pivot” your company in a new direction… one that’s attribute based and not product based. After all, is Rolex really a watch company? Or a prestige company? And what are the ramifications by looking at things in this light?

One Lily. Bay Blossom. Two beautiful names with one mission in mind. That’s how great branding can help a business flourish. 

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