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Develop a Magnetic Personality to Enhance Your Business Networking

Enhance Your Networking

Your Personality is a Key to Enhancing Your Networking.

Ever notice how you are naturally drawn to some people at a networking event? You walk into a room full of strangers and only a few people truly connect with you.

Before you go, take 10-15 minutes to determine who you would like to meet. Are you in need of a new insurance agent or will you be selling your home soon? Maybe you want to meet people that organize large groups that want to book you as their guest speaker? Whatever you want to attract next that will take your business to the next level; you’ll most likely meet someone that will help you attain just that.

Believe that the right person will present themselves at the right place for all the right reasons.

There are several reasons why you feel comfortable around several people you meet with at a group. At first, you will look for people that are open to meeting you. You look around the room to determine who has a friendly appearance. Most likely they are smiling, perhaps laughing and engaging in cheerful conversation. You’re looking for someone that you can relate to; maybe you work with the same target audience or share similar interests.

Here are a few characteristic traits of someone with a magnetic personality:

They express genuine concern for your well being. When you care about others, you will attract them. Everyone needs someone to offer support so people will be attracted to anyone that can offer help.

They mirror your personality, if you are extremely professional they are also extremely professional. If you have an optimistic viewpoint, you’ll attract others who are also optimistic. Maybe you like to achieve success; you’ll enjoy companionship with other achievers. Like attracts like.

They inspire and motivate everyone they come into contact with. People enjoy being around other people that make them feel better about themselves.

They are generous with their time, resources and money. They often donate to local charities and are involved with fundraising activities.

People with a magnetic personality leave a lasting impression making them unforgettable. Something about them whether it’s their smile, appearance, or personality that makes people remember who they are.

There’s a certain charm about them that has style and charisma.

Almost always, they are a leader of some kind. People enjoy their company, believe in them and want to be around them.

They have beauty that shines from the inside out. You might even think they have a “glow” about them.

Naturally, they have high energy levels and radiate health. You’ll hardly ever see them feeling sick or tired.

They focus on their strengths and talents which gives them confidence in their abilities.

They allow themselves to be approachable and encourage others to want to connect with them.

They give and receive referrals on a regular basis. Anytime they hear someone ask for something they need, they tune in and go off looking for it. 

Darlene Willman

Meet the Author Darlene Willman

Darlene Willman has written 69 Articles on Small Business Delivered.

Darlene Willman is a professional speaker, author and coach. She has hosted over 100 networking events in her professional career, conducts workshops and seminars to support the small business community with attracting more business.

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