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Business Directory

Because we know the internet has become such a vast place and finding exactly what you need for your business is becoming more and more difficult SmallBusinessDelivered.com has put together an extensive Business Directory just for your use.

Our directory includes many different organizations and services that you might find useful to your entrepreneurial efforts.

If you know of other websites that you think should be on this list please contact us and we’ll check it out.

Bartering Organizations
The art of bartering is not lost. But today’s businesses often need a third party to help arrange trades with other companies. To help you find a suitable third party we’ve created a handy list just for you.

Business Brokers
Are you looking to buy or sell a business. Then you might want to find a business broker in your area. For buyers in search of a business a broker can make finding the right business a whole lot easier. For sellers the hardest part of the process is finding a qualified buyer. A broker can help with that too. They are the people that bring buyers and sellers together.

Business Coaching
Often people that start businesses do so unprepared. They get what they think is a great idea and then jump in head first only to find out that they do not know half as much about running a business as they thought they did. To help solve this problem the hire a business coach. Someone that has years of entreprenurial experience that can help them turn the corner and succeed in their own venture. The business coaches we list are also authors for this ezine so you have likely already experienced firsthand the knowledge and experience they have to offer.

Business Franchises

Are you interested in owning your own business but would rather be a part of an established brand? Then owning a franchised business might be the way to go. To help with this we’ve compiled an extensive list of business franchise companies for you to check out.

Business Incubators
Many businesses get their start through a business incubation program. Such programs help start up companies keep costs low by providing office space and office equipment that can be shared with other companies that are at the same stage.

Chambers of Commerce
National and local chambers of commerce are often a great way to get exposure for your business. But because there are so many of them we’ve tried to provide you with links to either the organizations themselves of other state directories to help you out

Factoring Companies
Sometimes a business will find itself in need of some extra cash. One way to solve such a problem is to sell invoices to a third party known as a factor. If you need such a service you might want to check out this list of factoring companies.

Freelance Opportunities
Many entrepreneurs start off as freelancers. The freelancing business is not just for writers. There are freelance jobs out there for business consultants, accountants, webmasters and many other professions as well. Just as there are many jobs there are many freelance websites to help you find work. We’ve got many of them listed here for you.

Inventory Liquidators
Businesses often have excess inventory that they need to get rid of. As a result there has developed a whole industry of businesses that help their customers liquidate that inventory. Whether you are a seller or maybe a buyer this resource can give you a hand.