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Better Bullets Make Better Copy

Marketing Copy

These Simple Tips Can Help with Your Marketing Copy.

Bullets are the underrated powerhouses of marketing copy. Everyone agonizes over the headline, but recent Marketing Sherpa research showed that bullets are even more of an eye-magnet–especially in online and email copy where people tend to scan instead of read.

But no matter what you’re writing, bullets are a great way to draw attention to your most important points. (By the way, when I say “bullet” I also mean numbers, letters, checkmarks or any other symbol you use in lieu of an actual bullet.)

Bullets Basics

First, let’s discuss a few Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to using bullets effectively:

DO put your strongest bullet first, 
followed by the second strongest second, and then put the third strongest bullet last. That’s the order people tend to read them.

DO use a parallel structure
 within a set of bullets. That means start all of them with the same figure of speech (e.g. all nouns, all verbs), and keep them about the same length.

DON’T use punctuation
 at the end of a bullet unless it’s a period at the end of a complete sentence. (And definitely NO semi-colons!)

DON’T start your bullet with meaningless words 
like “the” or “a.” Use keywords or action verbs. (Instead of verbs conjugated from to be or to have.) Would you rather “get more energy” or “boost your energy”?

Add More Punch to Your Bullets

Now that you know the basics, here are four ways to make your bullets more powerful:

·Tease them with blind bullets. Blind bullets are those where you paint a clear picture of the benefits without giving away the secret of how they get those benefits.
This simple 10-minute trick will quadruple your website visitors by tomorrow night. 

·Prove your expertise with giveaway bullets. Adding one or two giveaway bullets shows what you know, increases the value of what’s being kept secret, and keeps people reading to see what other tips you’ll reveal.
Forget the paper towel fuzzies and clean your windows with newspaper for a streak-free shine. 

·Be specific with benefits. Sometimes there are no secrets to tease or giveaway. Instead, you need to paint a vivid picture of the benefits.
You’ll discover how to crawl inside your prospect’s head and suss out the ultimate desire that will send them scurrying for the Buy Now button. 

·Challenge the norm. Surprise them with the opposite of what they’d expect.
Want to get rid of your “spare tire” and “love handles”? DON’T DO SIT-UPS! We’ve got an easier, faster way strengthen your abs and tone your tummy. 

Now, make sure you pump up your next article or sales letter with bullets that make more of an impact! 

Tracy Needham

Meet the Author Tracy Needham

Tracy Needham has written 40 Articles on Small Business Delivered.

Tracy Needham launched her business in 2003 after more than a decade in marketing communications-the majority of which was spent in the financial services industry. Her last job in the corporate world was creating and managing the competitive affairs function at a mutual fund.

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