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About Us

Welcome to SmallBusinessDelivered.com

I first want to thank you for visiting SmallBusinessDelivered.com. The emphasis of the site can be found in the name of the site itself. We are dedicated to the business of small business and we want to deliver the relevant information and services you need so that we can help you be a success too.

We are not like other ezine’s on the internet that allow just about anyone to publish an article. Our goal is to provide relevant content that can serve entrepreneurs running their own small businesses and those individuals that are intent on doing so. To do this we search out authors that focus on the subject of small business in their writing. The authors that we typically look for are also entrepreneurs. They are business coach’s and experts in different areas of small business such as planning, management, marketing, franchising, public relation, networking, financing, accounting and so on.

In addition to the expert information that it is our intent on providing we also want to make available other resources that entrepreneurs need to make their businesses a success. Resources such as business forms, a business directory, books, e-books, and companies that provide services or products that might be useful to you. Ultimately it is our intent to bring the authors and the resources to you.

We are “Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs”.

Thank You,
Editor, SmallBusinessDelivered.com